Classical Riding Made Easy

Anne Wilson, Classical Riding Trainer and Author



If you care about horses, you must be interested in classical riding. If not, find out more. Classical riding is the kindest, most natural way of riding. The principles of classical riding are founded upon the laws of nature, i.e. balance, gravity etc., and have been laid down, tried and tested throughout the centuries, by the great classical riding masters, since 400 BC. Times may have changed but horses and the laws of nature have not!

Anyone (on any horse) can learn to ride classically - you just need the right instruction/information.

Sylvia Loch (international trainer, judge, lecturer and author)  founded the Classical Riding Club (CRC) in 1995. It is a worldwide organisation and the membership list contains many great riders and trainers, as well as quite normal people who simply ride for pleasure. Once you become a member the whole CRC site is accessible and you may network with other like-minded members all over the world.  There is a quarterly newsletter containing many articles, book reviews, etc., by well known writers/trainers, as well as lots of on-line information exlusive to CRC members.

I have been an active member of CRC since its inception, having held the post of Regional Liaison Member for 11 years, and received the Club's Gold Award Certificate. I am also on the List of Registered Trainers.

If you would like to know more about the CRC before joining please contact me - - marking your Email 'CRC' - or go direct to