Classical Riding Made Easy

Anne Wilson, Classical Riding Trainer and Author

 RIDING REVELATIONS - Classical Training from the Beginning

My book, Riding Revelations was published in 2009, and is still proving popular. It provides a very basic, clear, concise guide for any rider - from novice to advanced competition rider - to understand the first principles of classical riding.  I have put forward, in straight forward terms, a simple step by step way of riding and training which can be understood by the novice rider on the threshold of their riding career.

I was prompted to write this book by the many letters and emails I received from readers of my articles in Equi-Ads and other publications.  They all wanted more in-depth, down-to-earth, easy to understand instruction - so here it is.

I have broken down complex subjects into easily-digested bite size pieces, while numerous sub headings make it easier for the reader to find the answers to so many things that can confuse and mystify.

RIDING REVELATIONS will benefit riders of all ages, levels of experience and abilities, including people who have ridden all of their lives, but not studied the classical school.  I endeavour to offer the thinking rider a true 'riding revelation'.

Here is a quote from Sylvia Loch, who has written the Foreword:- "I am hugely impressed by such a rounded, sensible and explanatory book".

There are 216 pages including colour and black and white photographs, as well as line drawings and diagrams - PRICE £22.99

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 PLEASE NOTE:- This book has been produced in an ethical, fair trade, manner.  It cannot, therefore, be heavily discounted.